ReSuCha Directory: recomended local vendors.

Following the discussion in the volunteer groups, we start the all-Greece directory of the local “on-the-ground” vendors and service providers, who have already proven that they support both refugees and helping volunteers “beyond and above” regular merchants’ perspective.

They are the first to be supported, as we build the Refugees Supply Channel: the synergy between helping refugees and helping local Greek economy.

So, I present you the our Yellow Pages. Use it, promote it and add your information to it.

The directory is free, public and run by volunteers. There are no obligations from being listed there.

How to use the directory?

  1. If you are in one of places listed in the directory, just browse the list and find a vendor you need. When buying stuff, just tell them “ReSuCha sent me” — so they know we support them. 🙂
  2. If you want to send a donation directly to a local retailer or small wholesaler, find them on the list, check their reputation and bank account data and wire the money.

How to co-edit the directory?

  1. If you are a designated member of a volunteer group, please contact us and introduce yourself and we will give you access to the location list. You will be able to edit the content directly.
  2. If you do not want to fiddle with technology, just send us all information using the form below. If you are sending new entry for the catalog, please fill as many fields as you can — it will make our verification process easier. If you are sending bank account for donations, please make sure the vendor knows it an is happy about it. There are certain tax nuances in Greece that may make it a problem for them!
  3. You may also vote a vendor up straight in the directory, to improve their reputation and bring more business to them.

How to spread the word?

Just paste around the link to this post, or direct link to the directory:

Read more about ReSuCha


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One comment on “ReSuCha Directory: recomended local vendors.
  1. Petros says:

    If you want ReSuCha and our services to expand, please consider buying us an independent hosting in Iceland ( — safe and 100% green).
    1 year: 125 E
    2 years: 234 E
    3 years: 300 E
    Contact me for arrangements.


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