ReSuCha – Refugees Supply Channel Greece

ReSuCha-temp-logoThe initiative to supply refugees in Greece from local sources, including food, clothing and other products, imported or locally manufactured.

The goal of this project is to support local economy and to help Greek people, who suffer the problems they did not cause. Despite the fact they are struggling with serious economic problems themselves, they do great job, helping refugees and being much friendlier than many other societies in Europe.

The initiative emerged from the discussions among volunteers (mostly on FB), personal experience and some thinking. The broader reasoning you may find in the article “Greeks, refugees and a cooperative resurrection”.

This page is intended to be initial place to inspire, integrate and inform all people who want to move the project  ahead.

First, the principles:

  1. This is NOT a business venture. It is a social sustainable initiative, which has to cover its own costs (materials, labor and external services) but will never ever pay out a single Euro of profit to anybody. All surplus money will be used for serving refugees and volunteers only.
  2. We start as an informal group. If the activity grows, we will consider creating an official organization, most probably a social cooperative.
  3. ReSuCha-flowThere are four goals of our work:
    1. To provide goods for refugees and volunteer groups in a quick and efficient manner.
    2. To purchase everything what is possible and practical from local sources, helping to recover economy in Greece.
    3. To provide occupation for the people who will be running the initiative warehouse and all future facilities.
    4. To share our knowledge and experience with everyone, who may wish to copy it elsewhere.
  4. The planned system of work, as pictured to the right, will be as follows:
    1. The volunteers let us know what they need. They may also start start their own fundraising.
    2. We run fundraising to finance purchases of goods, and also to keep our initiative going. We keep money for purchasing goods separate from the money to support ReSuCha. We prefer funders to pay directly to the vendors.
    3. Vendors: farmers, local producers and wholesalers (in case of imported goods) as well as donors in kind, deliver goods to our warehouse. The goods are then sorted and shipped to the volunteer groups in need, directly or through designated local retailers.

This is just a preliminary outline of the concept. We need your input to make it better. And we need your help to make it reality.

If you want to stay informed — or even to get involved:

  • Keep watching the comments at the bottom of the page for announcements & developments (directly or via RSS)
  • Watch the posts on this website tagged #ReSuChaGr
  • Follow us on Twitter (@ReSuChaGR)
  • Leave your comment below (moderated).
  • Or write to us, using the contact form below.

7 comments on “ReSuCha – Refugees Supply Channel Greece
  1. Petros says:

    For the time being, all necessary official operations will be run through our “incubator” organisation, Social Cooperative FAKTORIA in Poland. They are already processing our first campaign: and, until we are ready to set up our own formal framework, will act as an umbrella for ReSuCha.


  2. Val Longley says:

    This sounds like a brilliant idea, and I’d like to follow its development. I would also happily support the initiative, although, apart from donating, I’m not sure what I could do that would be practically useful.


    • Petros says:

      Val, thank you for your encouraging comment.

      If you want to support specific purchases, stay tuned. We will be announcing fund-raising campaigns here, as they emerge.

      If you wish to contribute seed money to help us develop ReSuCha team and equipment more quickly, please transfer whatever amount you feel like to:

      Spółdzielnia Socjalna FAKTORIA
      ul. Sienkiewicza 3, 05-220 Zielonka

      IBAN: PL38203000451110000002389210


      or send them via paypal to

      (Faktoria national registry data:

      As a description of your transfer, please the following: ” ReSuCha: darowizna na cele statutowe działalności pożytku publicznego.”

      Thank you.


  3. […] ReSuCha – Refugees Supply Channel Greece […]


  4. Petros says:

    We have started our first online service: ReSuCha Directory. The all-Greece list of volunteer-recommended LOCAL retailers, vendors and service providers, supporting refuugees and volunteers. THEY support us, WE support them!


  5. Petros says:

    If you want ReSuCha and our services to expand, please consider buying us an independent hosting in Iceland ( — safe and 100% green).
    1 year: 125 E
    2 years: 234 E
    3 years: 300 E
    Contact me for arrangements.


  6. Petros says:

    Subscribe to ReSuCha Public Board for announcements, volunteer opportunities and more.


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