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ReSuCha Directory: recomended local vendors.

Refugees Supply Channel Directory: The all-Greece list of local vendors, recommended by volunteers on the ground. The directory is free, public and run by volunteers. There are no obligations from being listed there.

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Greeks, refugees and a cooperative resurrection

We (the helpers, especially funding ones) have to find a way to support Greek solidarity economy AND refugees at the same time (preferably in synergy – to make all parties aware of their interdependence). Here is my attempt to propose a win-win-win scenario.

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The Octagon

Towards a solidarity economy investment fund1­ This text as a PDF: The-Octagon 1. Digest. This document outlines a structure and certain processes of an investment fund, dedicated for the solidarity economy area. The model fund, called „The Octagon”, will be

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Refugee SuperTarp Project

This is a first attempt to create a universal thermal #tarp/poncho/tent/sleeping envelope for #refugees. If you like it (and if we get support, of course), we will be able to make them here (in Thermaikos, Greece) and teach everyone interested how to make them as well. Together we can make one poncho for EVERY refugee entering Europe.

We want to make it one of essential pieces in the #RefugeesWelcome kit.

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The March of the 10 000 000

There is a huge opportunity to build a network of #cooperation, below the government level, to support the #solidarity #economy of Greece. There is a huge chance to change the economy into more resilient, more sustainable, generating trade surplus rather than deficit. It can only be done if the society assumes active attitude. There is no time to wait until the politicians and capitalists do the job (actually, they would not anyway). Now, it is the time for the March of the Ten Million.

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